Since 2016, IUP has played an important role to help power villages and communities on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu.


Key outcomes.

Espiritu Santo remains the only area in Vanuatu where most of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources.



Installed capacity



Electricity generation



Peak demand

As part of this initiative, IUP supplied Vanuatu Utilities and Infrastructure (VUI) with 5.5kV in-ground mounted poles, contributing to the annual expansions that brought electricity to many areas for the first time. IUP also provided low-cost street lights to VUI, which are attached to the supplied utility poles.

Since acquiring the Vanuatu Concession in 2011, Vanuatu Utilities and Infrastructure (VUI) has transformed the power landscape of Vanuatu’s EspĂ­ritu Santo region. Rebuilding two-thirds of hydro generation and upgrading four-fifths of diesel assets, VUI extended the network to remote communities, while ensuring power costs remain low. Serving several thousand residential customers and approximately 350 businesses, government entities and high-voltage customers, VUI’s power system integrates a diesel station in Luganville and a hydro-electric station on the Sarakata River.