We offer durable Equipment Support Structures, which provide customers with robust structural support for their substation equipment. Support structures can be tailored to meet specific needs and are configurable to any electrical substation.

IUP provides Equipment Support Structures for use in a variety of substation projects. Our fabricated steel structures are built to elevate and support various components in electrical substations, including:

  • Post insulators
  • Current transformers
  • Induction voltage transformers
  • Power voltage transformers
  • Capacitive voltage transformers
  • Dead tank insulators
  • Live tank insulators
  • High voltage switchgear
  • Busbars
  • Surge arrestors

Our Equipment Support Structures are tailored to suit your unique specifications and offer corrosion-resistant durability that withstands challenges from harsh environments.

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IUP specialises in delivering a range high-quality steel Utility Poles and Substation Structures.