With a focus on stability after installation, our lightning poles offer critical and reliable protection against substation lightning strikes.

IUP provides specialised lightning pole structures designed to intercept lightning strikes on electrical substations. Our lightning poles prioritise effective lightning protection by either minimising or eliminating the need for traditional lighting spikes. Because these spikes can be affected by post-install vibration, IUP’s spike mounting method uses a maximum length spike, which ensures our lightning poles remain stable long after installation.

We also offer combined lightning and light pole structures for use in electrical substations. Like our light poles, these lightning-light pole combinations are available as either fixed poles, providing a simplified but robust solution, or mid-hinged poles, which are often essential for substations where an elevated work platform is impractical, or the use of a ladder is prohibited.

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IUP specialises in delivering a range high-quality steel Utility Poles and Substation Structures.