IUP specialises in delivering high-quality steel utility poles and substation structures, offering tailored designs and unmatched support.

Utility Poles

Our standard range of Base Plate Mounted Poles and In-Ground Mounted Poles, designed with IUP’s own deflection limitations for a more robust, rigid structure. In most cases, IUP designs to load cases provided by a line designer. Our bespoke poles can be designed from PLS data (*.bak or *.lca files), load trees, and in some cases a tip load may be enough.

Substation Structures

We offer a variety of Substation Structures designed to meet the greatly varying needs of customers.

IUP designs and produces Gantries, Equipment Support Structures, Lightning Poles and Light Poles and for use in a variety of environments and projects.Our Substation Structures are strictly designed to meet Australian, and many other international standards.

Because every project is unique, we configure our substation structures to precisely suit your project needs. Whether you require custom-designed gantries or critical protection against lightning strikes, IUP is committed to offering the right products and the appropriate support to streamline your project.