We offer custom-designed tubular structure gantries to support, enhance and streamline your projects.

At IUP, we specialise in the design and production of custom tubular structure gantries, to suit all substation projects. Our gantries are manufactured from standard pipe, or from multi-sided tapered and/or parallel-sided tubular sections and can be customised to suit our customers’ construction and project goals.

When provided with the applicable load cases, we can convert lattice designs to multi-sided structures, and ensure our clients are supported with the right gantries to suit their project. IUP’s tubular structures not only improve the aesthetics of a substation, but also reduce construction time.

For a faster route to your project’s success, contact us about our custom tubular structure gantries.


Our other products.

IUP specialises in delivering a range high-quality steel Utility Poles and Substation Structures.