Strong, durable, and conforming in every way, our Base Plate Mounted Poles and anchor bolt cages are designed to suit your specific project conditions.

Designed in strict accordance with ASCE/SEI 48, with a capacity reduction factor of 0.9 (as per AS/NZS 7000), our Base Plated Mounted Poles assure a robust and rigid structure on a range of projects. Mounted to a purpose-designed anchor bolt cage that is set into the foundation, these poles and bolt cages can even be limited to a maximum diameter in situations where challenging ground conditions require a narrower foundation.

IUP’s commitment extends beyond the pole itself. We offer comprehensive support to our customers, providing detailed approval drawings and PLS-Pole data for all our designs, allowing you to achieve immediate desktop verification that our poles are suitable for your intended use.

Our other products.

IUP specialises in delivering a range high-quality steel Utility Poles and Substation Structures.