Design Tools

The latest version of PLS-Pole design software is used for pole shaft, cross arm shaft, gantry and cross beam design.

PLS-Pole is unable to check the structural adequacy of multisided steel tubes to AS/NZS 4600 Cold-formed steel structures and AS 4100 Steel structures. PLS-Pole is configured around ASCE/SEI 48. From extensive previous experience, designs to ASCE/SEI 48 with a capacity reduction factor of 0.9 applied (in accordance with AS/NZS 7000) provides more conservative results than designs to AS/NZS 4600. ASCE/SEI 48 is recognised worldwide as an extremely reliable design base for steel utility poles, hence IUP has adopted the use of PLS-Pole and ASCE/SEI 48 exclusively for pole shaft and multisided cross arm shaft design.

Detailed connection design is carried out using separate programs developed in-house to comply with the standards listed below. PLS-Pole does not have the capacity to do this, and it’s essential that these in-house programs are used in conjunction with PLS-Pole to conform to the relevant standards.

Design Standards

All pole structure design is carried out in Australia to Australian, New Zealand and US standards.

Item Standard Standard Title
Pole shafts
Multi-sided tubular arms
ASCE/SEI 48 Design of Steel Transmission
Pole Structures
Square hollow section arms AS 4100 Steel structures
Base plates & gussets AS 4100
DL/T 5031
Steel structures
Technical regulation for design of steel transmission pole
Welds ASCE/SEI 48Design of Steel Transmission
Pole Structures
Foundation bolt strength AS 4100
Steel structures
Design of Steel Transmission
Pole Structures
Foundation bolt development length & bottom
anchorage template
BS EN 50341-1 Overhead electrical lines exceeding AC 1 kV. General requirements. Common specifications